Dr.Mehta in Bulgaria

Dr.Mehta in Bulgaria

Dr.Mehta in Bulgaria


Author of "Miasmas", the famous healer from India - Dr. Kishore Mehta, visited Bulgaria. For the fourth consecutive year he chose to visit the clinic of Classical Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine "Chiron-Sofia".


This year′s program included except training with reviewing on hardly susceptible to treat clinical cases, and two-week Workshop, in which all doctors of the center are included. The initiation of standardized methods of conducting clinical cases and scientific approach to homeopathic treatment were among the priorities of the education, which the Indian doctor held.


The key to complete healing of difficult to treat or incurable diseases, a chronic illness or other persistent, is the precise determination of the miasma, is convinced Dr. Mehta. His theory about the nature, impact and development of the miasmas of humans is reflected in complete and permanent cure of many patients. Now this kind of scientific heritage is available to all physicians from MC "Chiron-Sofia".


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann said that finding the right balance between pure vitality and deep understanding of the pathogenesis of diseases is essential miasmatic. Miasma is a violation of such subtle life force that preceded this disease and is more prominent than a fundamental problem at the moment. This means that we must first determine the underlying disease, rooted deep into the patient and then treat his problem. This means, that Miasma is innate predisposition of the organism to certain diseases, the degree of resistance to stress, traumatic events, inherited diseases and so on and all this is very important to know from the physicians before starting the treatment process.


The establishment of standardized treatments and scientific approach to homeopathy, based of the fundamental principles founded from Hahnemann, is a unique phenomenon for our country. This puts the treatment methods of classical homeopathy of a new, next step in the Evolution of our understanding of the healing art as a whole.


Vanya Slavova, July, 2011

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