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Homeopathy is Hope for hopeless

Interview with Indian healer Dr. Kishore Mehta

Dr. Kishore Mehta M.D. (HOM) is a consulting homeopath, engaged in educational and research activity, since 25 years all over India. He is a professor, postgraduate guide and an examiner for graduate and postgraduate students of homeopathy in India.

The rise of homeopathy in India began in the 50`s of the last century, when the country had an epidemic of Cholera. Thanks to homeopathy the whole  problem has been eliminated. After that, the government decided that homeopathy should be supported at the state level and then it becomes a priority of a national importance. Now India is the cradle of homeopathy.  Currently there are around half a million registered doctors- homeopaths, and their number is increasing with 10,000 each year. Dr. Kishore Mehta, comes in Bulgaria several times in the last four years, to train our doctors-homeopaths. Indian physician moisture efforts to establish standardized methods of homeopathic treatment in the Medical Center "Chiron-Sofia",  based on a scientific principles.  The introduction of standardized treatments and scientific approach to homeopathy, based  on the fundamental principles, find out for the first time from Samuel Hahnemann.


How is develop homeopathy as a science in India?

Dr. K. Mehta: The education, clinical and Research standard in India is highest all over the world. In recent years, homeopathy has achieved great progress in India. I can say this, because except as a homeopathic doctor, I am involved in educational sector. Standardization in education in India is on very high level and progresses each year. My role in this process is associated primarily with improving the level of training of young doctors and use the scientific approach to homeopathy and treating it. In India, homeopathy is developing with the help of state protection. There are about one eighty five graduate collages and 25-30 postgraduate collages of homeopathy around India. The graduate course is five and a half years and postgraduate is 3 and a half years after 12 standard. Besides homeopathic subjects anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, clinical medicine, psychiatry, pediatric and pharmacy are taught in as great detail equivalent to collages of modern medicine.

Typical of India is that for every medical college which has studied homeopathy, it has hospital or clinic with 50 to 60 beds, which are placed only for patients who are treated with homeopathy. In fact, in these hospitals, young doctors and graduate students receive priceless experience.

The policy of education and clinical training in Homeopathy is framed and executed by an autonomous body called ‘Central Council of Homeopathy’. This council functions under the Health Ministry of India. Besides this, there is another autonomous body called “Central Council of Research in Homeopathy” which carries out the function of research and publication. Both of these councils are functioning from more then 40 years.

India is known that has created the best homeopaths worldwide. Why?

Dr. K. Mehta: The reason, I think is in the public and the state protection. As a result, homeopathy as a science is developing incredible, not only in India, but throughout Asia. In Europe and especially in America homeopathy is developing with lack of government support and because of this homeopathy is not on this high scientific level. However, more and more people around the world apply homeopathy as the main method of treatment. This is the reason seeking of good homeopaths to growing rapidly. It is time for governments to started their protection about homeopathy. It is the right way homeopathy to grow and prosper like a science not only in India, but allover the world.

What is your personal commitment to the development of homeopathy?

Dr. K. Mehta: I am engaged with the training of young doctors in my clinic, as supporting three-month program for postgraduate specialist training. Regularly participate in the councils of a government level, regarding the development of homeopathy, innovation and good practice, participate in different social projects. I write books and publications related to my work as a doctor and professor. I am the author of specialized and tailored to our needs tracking system of clinical cases in our homeopathic practice. This system is based on the fundamental basics of homeopathy and innovation in the treatment of difficult clinical cases As a result, I received title as The Best Teacher of Homeopathy in India, which first gave it to me. I think it great recognition for me and my team. My research activity concerns the continuous improvement of standards in terms of methods used to treatment with homeopathy.

When you think you learned one medicine completely?

Dr. K. Mehta: The study of homeopathy is an ongoing process, as it is true to all areas of science. What we currently know nowadays about homeopathic remedies and their effects on the human body, is different from what it was ten years ago and maybe will be different after next ten years. This is because there are constantly new factors that change the basic settings in the Materia Medica.

Are there proven cases, recognized by the conventional medicine where the homeopathic medicine has brought to a positive effect)?

Dr. K. Mehta: In India, we have practice to record all details of every patient, and then maintain a long follow-up, regardless of the result of the treatment. So, this is the way each case to be traced from the beginning to the salvation. We have specific conception, that show us evaluation of the effects of the drugs and we have also standard system to record different cases. This is a research and scientific basis for demonstrating the action of homeopathic medicines on the human body. For us, these are compelling evidences for positive effects of homeopathic medicines on the human body.

What is the level of recognition of this type of medicine from conventional medicine in the world?

Dr. K. Mehta: In India, all conventional medical doctors accepted their homeopaths colleague’s equal, because both of them make available its results from scientific work to the general medical community. Experts who working in the Ministry of Health in India, are both - conventional and homeopathy physicians. Thanks to this strong scientific work, we have achieved very good results in the fight against serious diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer and others. I am pleased that research continues and constantly is evolving on higher scientific level. Unfortunately, such intensive scientific work not seen in Europe, either because there is no standardized training, accountability and state support. All these factors not enable to doctors from Europe to achieve good results, or if they achieve such, they are rather incidental. Furthermore, there is a lack of information exchange between them, there is no standardization in methods of treatment, which is another reason why the results achieved are more random, than based on a scientific basis.

What is the role of pharmaceutical companies to hold the process of development of homeopathy in Europe?

Dr. K. Mehta: I do not know well the influence of pharmaceutical companies in Europe, but what I see is that homeopathy is often not practiced based on the fundamental basis underlying the healing art of the Oraganon, written by the inventor of homeopathy - Samuel Hahnemann. In Europe, almost no homeopathic colleges, the practice is limited to the basic volume of training an I think that is too schematic and insufficient. Pharmaceutical companies in Europe have a big role not only on the market of medical supplies and drugs, but also in the learning process. In India, pharmaceutical companies does not have influence in the education or scientific process.

How does the body of homeopathic medicine?

Dr. K. Mehta: Homeopathic medicine works differently on everyone, so we run documentation to reflect the dynamics of each case. This documentation show us how exactly particular drugs work. Homeopathic remedies are very simple and when we put it under the tongue, it works directly through the nasal mucosa.  It is no need for medicine to be subjected to digestion or to be placed into a vein. It has a dynamic vibration that acts directly through the nose, increasing own defenses of the patient. Therefore we ask patients to keep their mouths clean and dry. It very important, because sometimes food is acting like antidote.

Can we use homeopathy as a preventive tool in the seasonal disease?

Dr. K. Mehta: Yes, of course. Homeopathy is recommended for seasonal diseases and epidemics, acting mainly as a way to boost immunity. For homeopathic treatment, no matter whether the disease is caused by a virus or bacterium.
For example, severe and deadly diseases such as scarlet fever and cholera are still controlled in Europe when there were no antibiotics. There is recorded evidence that these periods of European history, these diseases are controlled precisely homeopathic drugs and preventive medicines were given to the children. With modern allopathic therapies we have only four percent positive results of treatment of these Diseases.  Results that we are achieved when using homeopathic remedies are more successful.

Can pregnanant women and small children take homeopathic medicines for prevention of seasonal diseases?

Dr. K. Mehta:
Yes, as I said, homeopathy can be taken as a preventive agent against diseases of different nature. Last two years in India held a massive campaign on the year dedicated to mother and child. Each institution, associated with homeopathy, participated in the free distribution of homeopathic medicines for mothers and children, as well as explaining the power of homeopathy.  In connection with this campaign we published a book that is about what kind of drugs are used in certain emergencies, seasonal diseases, injuries and more. This extremely useful reading is available to any mother who has an interest to heal themselves and their children with homeopathy.

Why homeoapathy is increasingly spreading in Europe, despite of lack of government support?

Dr. K. Mehta: Probably this is due to the good results that doctors achieved with healing with homeopathy.

Do you recommend healing with homeopathy to combine with other methods for receiving optimal effect?

Dr. K. Mehta: Homeopathy itself has no contraindications and can be used as adjunctive therapy. It should be noted that part of the allopathic drugs can cross-react with homeopathic and may ignore their effect. Because of that, homeopathic doctor is the one who must decide which additional therapies may be recommended to speed up the process of treatment and which methods are absolutely contraindicated. On the other hand, the use of modern medicine to make a correct diagnosis of disease is recommended. But at the moment, when we understand what the root of the disease is, is better to use only homeopathy.

How do you assess the development of doctors in Bulgaria?

Dr. K. Mehta: I can only speak for doctors from MC "Chiron-Sofia", because I have experience mostly with them. I see that with each passing year, their confidence increases, as increases the results that they achieve - they are getting higher and higher results and it was the reason this year to decide to conduct this specialized training. It is consistent both with their capabilities and the specific environment and types of diseases typical for Bulgaria. I can not do compared to their Indian colleagues , because there is difference between countries, characteristic of the disease and so on. What is important is the results. Here I have reviewed more than 200 patients, of whom one third are children. Patients were mostly with atopic dermatitis, respiratory disease, arthritis, cancer and others. We achieved very good results and progress. Every year I see both new and old patients - we maintain a continuous connection, some have direct Internet connection with me, with other the communication is conducted by doctors from Chiron. In all cases, new patient is better to go first to the homeopathic center, which is very important.

Already the fourth visit Gedi MC "Chiron-Sofia". What year is this different from the previous?

Dr. K. Mehta: This year's program included unless my reviews susceptible to difficult patients, and two-week Workshop, in which were all doctors of the center. The introduction of standardized methods of conducting clinical cases and scientific approach to homeopathic treatment were among the priorities of education, which they held. I am very pleased with the results and my expectations of the future are great. I hope the center will become a solid homeopathic institution that provides not only adequate homeopathic treatment of patients but also to become a training center in which to give proper homeopathic training of young doctors who have decided to specialize in this area. However, for this to happen would be nice to have support from the government in this direction.


What you want to say finally?

Dr. K. Mehta: You should remember that homeopathy is practically no incurable conditions. Homeopathy is Hope for hopeless.

Interviewed by Vanya Slavova, on July 2011




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