Do′s and Don′ts by parents

Do′s and Don′ts by parents

Do′s and Don′ts by parents

Your child is not your possession. He is an independent soul born for some purpose designed by God.


You are facilitator of his life and not master of his life.

Take care of him in difficulties but don′t try to take his difficulties.

Understand him and do not make him understand what you do not understand of him

Discipline child in terms of food, games, studies etc.


Child must be motivated in any field which he finds interested and not what parents want.

Orient his career but evolve him as a good human being. Provide opportunity, facility and resources in view of his potentials and not luxury. Guide the child if he is not correct or is not able to choose right career or field of education.

Love and compаssion evolves child to be a good human being.

Parents must give at least 2 hours exclusively to children

Pampering child by parents or grandparents spoils child. Interact, listen, understand and then advice or correct child.

Punishment to child is no way a right method to improve child on the contrary child may become criminal or liar.


Do not compare two children in presence of guests, their doctors or teachers.

Criticism, reprimends scolding in presence of others must be avoided.

Gape of 3 to4 years between two children is advisable.

Do not teach child what you know or you want but teach him what he can learn.

Physical exercise, cultivating good habits like reading, social work and service to needy persons etc.


Teach him to be good human being and not big boss.




Parents must behave themselves what they want their child to behave


Make child what he can becoме.

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