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Medical center "Chiron - Sofia"

Medical center "Chiron - Sofia" is the first of its kind in Bulgaria Department for Integrative Medicine. Our doctors combine a unique way the latest developments of traditional medicine with the best of alternative medicine. A guiding principle in the treatment of patients in the medical centre is a holistic approach in which disease. The patient is not treated as separate problems, but as a result of disharmony and lack of balance between body, mind and soul.


The art of medicine is not only to cure diseases already occurring, but on the first place to prevent them. Therefore a central role in the holistic approach takes prevention and health education. For the implementation of prevention and treatment of a huge number of diseases it is essential to know how the stress of emotional and mental level becomes a disease in the physical body.

Why sick? The truth is that the disease does not just happen. They are the result of complex factors and are often predictable. Often they are different for each individual, depending on individual circumstances and the environment in which we lives.


In most cases, doctors who practice entirely conventional medicine did not pay attention to two-way connection between mind and body, but only the individual symptoms. They ignore the concrete and specific needs of the patient and often suffering rather than disappear is getting deeper. Giving allopathic medication or taking surgical intervention aimed only at eliminating the complaints in order to "fast cure". This is a dangerous practice because thus not removed the cause of suffering. Although often can occur temporarily alleviate disease persists in the body and looking for a new place to manifest. By the hasty application of conventional therapies destroy precisely those valuable signs warn us of the danger that already exist in the body. Sometimes it seems that acute condition is cured, but after a while we understand that the overall health of people has worsened. The acute disease is p

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